Like his father Tom Dieck jr. is a representative of the humane animal training, which was developed by the brothers Carl and Wilhelm Hagenbeck in 1879. With trust instead of violence this method uses the natural and individual skills of the animals. Every animal training is based on respect and trust between man and animal, and a lot of patience too. Before the real training there is a long period of becoming acquainted, in order to make the young animals familiar with the contact to humans and to create a confidence basis without fear and stress. The real training works with the principle of positive reinforcement. Every time when the animal does something right it is rewarded with a piece of meat and kind words. If not, the trick is repeated till it works.The piece of meat and the praising voice of the trainer signal the animals: "Well done!" Whip and stick work like Tom Dieck's lengthened arm. They are comparable to the baton of a conductor. With the stick for example Dieck jr. can show his animals to stay where they are at the moment.