Tom Dieck jr. started with the build up of his first own big cat group in December 2003. With the advice of his father he succeeded in putting together three male lions, two female lions and two female tigers into a harmonic group. Only a year later that group made its debut in the ring in the circus building Jules Verne in Amiens. In the year 2005 Tom Dieck jr. and his big cats belonged to the attractions of France's leading Cirque Arlette Gruss. 2006 Tom Dieck jr. was touring Germany with Circus Probst. To stand out from his father, Tom Dieck jr. decided from the beginning, to work in a different style in the ring: wilder and younger. And truly: The act of Dieck jr. is full of action and tempo. Many jumps and temperamental attacks alternate. Of course, the attacks are trained and finally just playful. But father and son have something in common, too: The care of the well-being of the animals are top priority. Thus best care and housing of the animals are evident for Tom Dieck jr..